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Sareyn is located at 30 km west of Ardabil province and 103 km of the Caspian Sea with the height of 1658 m above the sea level.

Most parts of this city are placed in a bowl-shaped valley created from the gentle slope of Sabalan Mountain. Sareyn enjoys a mediterranean cold climate based on its location on Sabalan Mountain. Sareyn consists of 2 parts named ”Markazi”,”Sabalan“, 1city and 4 rural districts.

This city is famous for abundant medicinal hot springs and one of the significant tourist regions in Ardabil province and Iran.

Sareyn have many tourist and climatic attractions in comparison to the other parts of Iran, regarding Sabalan and its role in climate moderation; also, this city has 4 regular seasons with specific features in each season. Holy Mehrab or Mehrabe stone, Eagle or Qartal stone, Crater Lake, Glacier are as old as the mountains and they enjoy the plant species with medicinal and animal properties which are counted among the Sabalan national natural features.

Services makes up the bulk of the Sareyn economy, according to the sources of historical, natural, sporting, cultural, social attractions in this city.

The people of Sareyn speak in Azari and most of them are Muslim.

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