Neor Lake

Neor Lake


Neor Lake

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Neor Lake is a natural lake located in the border line of two provinces of Gilan and Ardabil. It has provided a suitable environment for living different kinds of fishes because of the fresh water, rainfall and good weather; so that, it is an attractive destination for tourists specially in warm seasons.

As a part of the protected area of Lisar, Neor Lake is located in 48 km of southeast of Ardabil along the route of Khalkhal. Talesh region is also placed in the south of Neor Lake. The lake has been supported by Environmental Protection Administration since 1348 SH and it is now one of the main research centers on aquatics in this organization. 

Neor is a highly suitable habitat for one species of trout namely rainbow trout and many tourists come to this place in order to experience fishing. It should be said that all fishes of Neor Lake are gathered every year before cold seasons start. Because constituting a thick layer of ice on the water of lake in the winter makes the life of aquatics impossible. After cold seasons the breeding fishes are released in the lake.

The walking route of Neor Lake to Soubatan Highlands is one of the popular paths for nature lovers and mountain climbers.  Located in 19km of southeast of Neor Lake, Soubatan has a wonderful landscape of wooden cottages and livestock pasturing.

The walking route is highly cold in winter, however, the region has a pleasant weather in summer. It is why many travelers from the province and other regions come here to use the beautiful and pristine nature and experience the sport fishing in the best time for walking in this pleasing route, that is from the beginning of Ordibehesht (the late April) to the end of Khordad (the late June), before the summer starts.

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