Heyran Neck

Heyran Neck

Heyran Neck

Few Clouds

Heyran Neck is a part of Astara-Ardabil route which has become a travel destination with its wonderful and pristine landscapes. The neck indebted its name to its neighboring village, located in 30km of Astara. The green and foggy mountains in Heyran Neck are quite familiar for tourists.

One of the main characteristics of Heyran is the landscape of mess Hirkani jungles located in the border line of Iran and Azerbaijan in a way that we can see a mess jungle related to Hirkain National Park from one side of the road. This national park with more than 40 hectares extent was opened in 2004 by Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan in order to attract attentions and to be researched as a rich source of plants and animals.

However, the foggy landscapes are not the only cause for popularity of Heyran. A tourism village has been established there in recent years. One extremely attractive part for tourists in this village is a tele cabin which starts from Heyran Neck and ends in Fandoghlu Jungle. Many locals know the Fandoghlu region by its hot water wild pool.   

It has also been provided in the tourism village a sled rails through which people can experience crossing the wild mountains. The cabin is single and its speed is adjustable.

Mishend is one of the spectacular villages of Heyran Neck in 18km of Astara-Ardabil Road and its pristine nature is quite unique. The main Job of people in this village has been agriculture and husbandry from the past, they produce organic and local dairy products trying them along with the local bread is highly recommended.

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