Sareyn Hot Springs

Sareyn Hot Springs


Sareyn Hot Springs

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Ardabil Province is known by the cold winters and snowy landscapes. Sareyn is one of the mountainous towns of Ardabil. Sareyn is located in foothills of Sabalan, a high volcano. Winters of Sareyn are really tough, but despite these tough winters, the hot springs of Sareyn are really pleasant. There is a local belief about the therapeutic benefits of sinking in hot water. So many people from all around the world travel to Sareyn to get the advantage of hot spring therapy. There are dozens of hot springs with different color, temperature, taste and therapeutic benefits. Springs are boiling from the earth outskirt of town. Sareyn is the most touristic city in the province. Some of them will be introduced below, but the best way to get familiar with them is to travel Sareyn and sink into them.

Qarasoo (Dark Water) hot spring, is the first hot springs on arrival in the town. Its temperature is 41c and its PH is 6c. Qarasoo therapeutic benefit is to heal rheumatoid pains.

Sarisoo (Yellow Water) is the second hot spring near Qarasoo, its temperature is 47 in upspring and 44 in the pools.

Gamish Guli (Buffalo pond) has the highest water level and its temperature is 45c in the pools.

General is located in the northern part of town in a valley with a height about 2000 meters above the sea. Its temperature is 43 c with an acidic PH. It’s suitable to heal muscular pains.

Pahnlisoo (Wide Water) is located in the highest northern point of the town, its temperature is about 37.5 c with semi-acidic PH, and it is suitable for neurotic pains and joint pains.

Yelsooyi (Wind Water) is 41c in temperature and its PH is about 5.5.

GoozSooyi (Water of Eye) is not so hot but it’s suitable to heal eye’s diseases.

Ghahvasooyi (Café Water) pass through a café with 45 c temperature and it’s suitable to heal movement disorders.

Beshbajilar (Five Sisters) is formed by 5 upsprings and a hydrotherapy institution is built on it. Its temperature is 35 c, a little stinky and it’s suitable to heal bone pains.

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