Alvares Village and Ski Resort

Alvares Village and Ski Resort


Alvares Village and Ski Resort

Few Clouds

The village of Alvares and Alvares Ski Resort are located twelve kilometers from Sareyn County, after a meandering mountain road. During the spring, the plains on two sides of the road are full of wild Poppy flowers. The village is two thousand meters higher than sea level, and has very pleasant and enjoyable weather during spring and summer, and is cold during autumn and winter.

The people of this village are in fact the nomads, who used to feed their herds in that region during the warm season. They gradually settled down and built a village there many centuries ago. Occasionally, one can accompany the nomads on the way to resort, and see their traditional tents of Shahsavan tribe, called Owba that are made of sheep wool. The nomad women usually bake pieces of bread on traditional kilns called Sach. Butter and oil have been used as the ingredients of these breads. One can enjoy such delicious bread with fresh dairy products like cheese, yoghurt and Kashk. In addition to food and kettle products, traditional handicrafts such as village and nomad hand weaves can also be found in Alvares and its region.

Alvares is a land of natural water springs, which add to the beauty and freshness of the village. One of the best-known springs is called Min Balagh. Gorgor water spring is another example. It is located two thousand and four hundred and twenty meters higher than sea level. The water from this spring flows to lower lands. The waterfall has been named Gorgor just like the spring. The landscape from this point has in its background the Sabalan Mountains.

Equipped with chairlifts and surface lifts, Alvares Ski Resort has one of the biggest ski paths of Iran and is located in the heights of Sabalan Mountain. It is twelve kilometers from Alvares village and twenty-four kilometers from Sareyn in Ardabil Province. Since it is three thousand and two hundred meters higher than sea level, it is full of snow during autumn and winter. Alvares Ski Resort can be visited by the sportsmen and tourists during about six to eight months of the year.

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