Sahand Ski Resort

Sahand Ski Resort


Sahand Ski Resort

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One of the prominent centers of winter sports in the northwestern region of Iran is the Sahand Ski Resort located in 30 km southeast of Tabriz. This resort is the only ski resort in East Azerbaijan province and it has about 1200 meters of ski surface.

The geographical location and the climate of this province, being located between the two main mountain ranges of Zagros and Alborz, has created a very cold and mountainous climate for this region; So that, this feature makes this place one of the advanced sports attractions equipped for those who are enthusiastic for winter and snow recreation. This slope is situated in the area where the height of snowfall sometimes reaches four meters.

Sahand ski resort is one of the 13 international slopes in Iran. Utilizing advanced and standard facilities and equipment, this resort has become one of the most significant centers for hosting national and international competitions. All amenities, including parking lots, accommodation complexes, villa hotels, restaurants and cafes, are provided for travelers in this complex. There are also advanced facilities and experienced instructors to teach skiing to those interested in the form of a ski school. Ski lifts, rope tow and other sports facilities are among the equipment in this complex.

Undoubtedly, the best season to visit and take pleasure from the facilities of this complex is winter, however, it hosts both domestic and foreign visitors in other seasons, thanks to its cool weather and fast-flowing rivers.

The best way to reach this sport complex is to use a personal car equipped with snow driving equipment. Travelling through the southeast route of Tabriz, 27 km after the Tabriz-Tehran road police station, you can see the sign of Sahand Ski Resort. If you decide to visit this fantastic complex, it is highly recommended to visit the nearby attractions such as Qurigol Wetland, Bostanabad hot spring and Qajar Museum.

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