Shorabil Lake

Shorabil Lake


Shorabil Lake

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Shorabil is the name of a lake in the city of Ardabil. Before free water was conveyed to this lake from the rivers around, the local people rubbed the mud from the lake onto their skin because it has proved to heal skin diseases and rheumatism. But the healing properties of the water have faded away since the conveying of water from other resources.

In the past, the water of Shorabil Lake contained more salt, which prevented the freezing of its surface, which resulted in the lake to become a perfect habitat for immigrating birds. Therefore, hunting became prohibited in this area, and it was listed as one of the protected areas by the Department of Environment of Iran.

Shorabil Lake was a growing location of plants such as common reed, Tamarisk, Juncus, Pigweed and Barley. But after the chemical components of its water changed and plantation of trees that were incompatible with the environment, most of them have perished. In terms of zoology, this area is quite rich and of high importance. Birds such as Dalmatian Pelican, Crested Duck, Common Golden-Eye Duck, kinds of geese and Black Stork inhabit there.

According to geology researches, Shorabil Lake traces back to end of the third and beginning of the fourth geological period, which means that it is older than Lake Urmia. The water of this lake used to be salty. But during recent years free water has been conveyed to it and it has become diluted. Now the lake has provided very suitable conditions for growing a kind of fish called Ghezel-ala or Trout. Following environmental activities for the conservation of this area, today the lake covers a land as big as one hundred and eighty hectares.

A walking path has been built that surrounds all around the lake and is an attractive destination for the people of Ardabil and tourists. This path also includes facilities for bicycle and carriage riding, too. The visitors can also enjoy water sports like boat riding and jet skiing. Construction of a zoo, hotel, resting area and two theme parks have added to the popularity of this location. Located inside the city, Shorabil Lake is very easy to access and can be visited during night hours, as well.

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