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Historic Site of Yeri City

Historic Site of Yeri City

Historic Site of Yeri City

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Historical site of Yeri city belongs to historical eras of the middle Paleolithic, bronze and iron ages, during which life began in this area about 8 thousand years ago and it was abandoned about four thousand years ago; today, the traces of fire is obvious in its different parts.

This area has many historic places such as a large stone ancient cemetery with about 300 graves, temple, castles with dry stone walls (picking stones without using mortar), gates, ancient cave and Qusha hill sites related to 6000 BC.

Historical site of Yeri city and its cemetery, named as Usaqlari School is located in the hillsides of cliffs overlooking the deep valley of Qarasu River. The wall's diameter of Yeri city's ancient area is varied in different parts and there is no stone wall in some parts because of the existence of rock wall.

The most important part of this complex is the exposed stone temple with 280 vertical stones in different dimensions on which have been cared all members of the rock city, with gender implications, eyes and nose, no mouth, and with a belt and sword. The discovered artifacts in this region are included pottery, metal objects, decorative stones and raw materials of glass.

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