Kerman Province
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Rafsanjan is located in the northwest of Kerman province with the height of 1469 meters above sea level. The city has a semi-desert climate with relatively hot summers and cold winters.

Rafsanjan consists of 5 parts naming "Markazi", "Anar", “Kashkoueieh", “Noogh", "Ferdous", 6 cities and 16 rural districts. Rafsanjan is one of the most important and most populous cities in Kerman province with an important role in the economy of Iran. Rafsanjan enjoys a specific situation in terms of locating in the way of Kerman and Yazd provinces and along the Tehran-Bandar Abbas railway.

As the biggest pistachio producer in Iran and the world, Rafsanjan has a large contribution in non-oil export. Appropriate quality of soil for tile and ceramic making is the cause of creating the Iranian largest tile factories in the city. Climatic conditions, Sar Cheshme large mines of copper (the largest copper mine in the world), natural resources, including the largest artificial forest and countryside, many historical buildings and monuments, including castles, inns, markets, towers, buildings, cisterns, temples, shrines, hills and archaeological sites as well as the cultural- religious centers have turned this city into one of Iran's immigration and tourism regions.

Rafsanjan people speak in Farsi with no specific dialect. Its vicinity to Kerman is the cause of their same dialects. The people of this city are Shiite.

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