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Noorabad, the capital of Mamasani, is located in the northwest of Fars province in the height of 920 meters above the sea level.

This city is on the hillside of the Zagros range of mountain and enjoys a moderate climate.

Noorabad Mamasani has numerous natural and historical tourism attractions. Tribal area and its local handwovens are the features of tourism in this region. The people of this region are active in agriculture due to the perfect weather and abundant rainfall in the fall, winter and spring and the existence of Kati, Fahilan, Tangshiv, Kore Siah Rivers.

The major agricultural products are wheat, barley, rice, rapeseed, corn and watermelon in this area. Noorabad people are a branch of the Lur clan divided into Bekesh, Rostam, Javid and Doshman Ziari. Other clans such as Qashqai, Arab Khamse and Turks live in there, too.

The dialect of these people is like as Yasuj people. The people of Noorabad-e Fars are originally Lak and they have immigrated to this area from Noorabad (Lorestan).The people of Noorabad are Muslims and follower of Shia religion.

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