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Mil Ejdeha

Mil Ejdeha


Mil Ejdeha

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





Mil Ejdeha or fire temple related to Parthian period is located in a valley along the Tang-e Koleh Mountain on the rocky and lush hillside, next to one of the ancient important ways.

There is no village in this area. This square stone tower which seems to be a fire temple or temple is square like the Zoroaster Kaaba or Pasargadae prison tower.

The height of the tower is more than seven meters and its width of each side about four meters at the bottom and 4/30 meters at the top. It has been made of white streaks stone very precisely, systematically and skillfully in various lengths.

There is stair in the interior part of the upper of the tower with the height of 10/5 meters and the width of 59cm. It is located on the south side and at a height of three meters and it seems that they have come here with ladder and then went upstairs.

This building contains 15 rows of white stone cube shaped. There was a fireplace above the towers. The mils (towers) had highly used during the Parthian and Sasanian era and then the mills architecture can be seen in minarets later in the Islamic era.

The sacred fire kept in this tower and the fire was taken to the other parts from there. Guiding the caravans, giving information, monitoring and maybe the temple are the other applications of Mil Ejdeha.


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