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Nehbandan, the extreme southern city of the south Khorasan province, is located in a vast plain due to its natural location and vicinity to desert with the height of 1196 m above the sea level.

There are some highlands in the north of this city with the pinnacles in the height of 2500 meters. The climatic conditions of Nahbandan are warm and arid based on the vicinity to desert.

Nehbandan consists of two parts named “Markazi”, ”Shusef”, two cities as ”Nehbandan“, ”Shusef” and five rural districts.

This region has been turned into one of the most important communication and trading area, according to its main and classy roads, close relationship with Sistan & Baluchestan and Kerman provinces, vicinity to Pakistan and Afghanistan and southern ports of the country especially Chabahar and being located on the important trading roads of the province.

Valuable stones in mines beside the agriculture are the other reasons of Nehbandan significance. The people of Nehbandan are from the Part and Aryan tribes who live in this region from pre-Islamic times.

In addition to Fars tribes, Baluch and Arabs also live here. Nehbandan people speak in a local dialect close to Khorasani.Their dialect is also similar to Sistani dialect and even some of them speak in Sistani. Most of them are Muslims and follower of Shia.

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