Martian Mountains of Chabahar

Martian Mountains of Chabahar


Martian Mountains of Chabahar

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"I've seen this in movies," most tourists, setting foot on the route from Chabahar to Miniature Mountains for the first time often say. The truth is the Martian (or Miniature) Mountains of Chabahar belonging to less seen scintillating attractions of the real world, not the imaginary world of movies.

There are many ups and downs in the road. At times, you're going downhill with the darkish blue of the Gulf of Oman and its golden beach on one side and the multidimensional greyish white mountains, on the other. You may actually find it difficult to choose which side to enjoy.

You pass a turn and the Miniature Mountains come very close. You're at the bottom of the hill when they step away, going behind an area of cleft soil like a mirage. Then it is you and a cracked desert, a blue sky, as well as the short and high wrinkled mountains in the distance. The mountains are a residual type, with plenty of edgy slits because of quick erosion caused by exposure to wind and rain. According to the Deputy Director of Siatan and Baluchestan Province's Tourism Organization, many locals still call the mountains Kolani or Aryan mountains. However, due to their peculiar shape, ups and downs, and beauty, they are also called Miniature or Martian mountains.

The mountains range from 5 to 100 meters in altitude. The texture is highly resistance and feels like hard rock when climbing. However, few people climb these mountains, as the pleasure of the sight outdoes that of climbing. The grooves on the mountains have no vegetation.

Geologists have different accounts for the formation of these Martian mountains. Some say they are a continuation of the Zagros Mountains, a range that ends in Pakistan, while others believe they had been buried under tons of soil in the past and have turned up with the passage of time, showing off their real facade as climate change and seasonal rains washed soil from the face to the skirts. Some people believe the wide horizon in the region can be used to observe the infinite space and stars.

Besides Chabahar, similar mountains can be found in South Khorasan, Bandar Abbas, Khuzestan, and Qeshm. The mountains have been a source of income for locals. They take their decorated camels to the mountains to give rides to tourists in return for money. Minutes away from the Martian mountains, there is Ramin village, with an ecotourism residence. The beach in the village has a surfing club, where men and women can enjoy surfing. There is a straw hut near the Martian Mountains for tourists to take rest. It is cool inside and the straw scent helps you tune in to the atmosphere more easily. If you plan to stay for the night, you should use accommodations in Ramin village.

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