Lipar Lagoon

Lipar Lagoon


Lipar Lagoon

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Lipar Lagoon (Persian: تالاب لیپار, [Tālāb-e Lipār]) in Sistan and Baluchestan province is well known for its pink color. That is why it is also called Pink Lagoon. The cause of this color is the presence of plant plankton (Phytoplankton) which their activities produce a reddish-pink color. It is interesting to know that only four similar examples of this lagoon exist in the world.

Lipar Lagoon is located on the coastal road from Chabahar city to Gwadar Bay on the Gulf of Oman coast (15 km east of Chabahar near the village of Ramin). Besides, it is situated on a rocky valley overlooking the mountain. The water of the Gulf of Oman accumulates in this strait and has created a suitable ecosystem for plant and animal life. The length of this lagoon reaches 14 meters in case of abundant rainfall.

The climatic conditions of the Lipar lagoon have provided an ideal situation for the life of plants such as Oak, Nettle, Tamarix, Prosopis, and so on. The plant life depends on the presence of water in the lagoon. Also, young and green trees have grown around Lipar Lagoon, which is called Dashtar by the locals. The locals also call this green area the bride. Dashtar means bride in the Sistani dialect. Due to the green nature of this area, this plain is named Dashtar.

In addition to plant diversity, the animal diversity of this area is also significant. Among birds in this area, we can name flamingo, coots, grebes, white and gray herons. 

It should be noted this area is swampy, so you should leave your car at a distance away from the lake and go to see the lagoon on foot. There are Kapers (traditional temporary dwelling) near the lake where locals, especially women and girls, sell handicrafts and local products.

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