South Khorasan Province
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The Land of Narcissus Flowers

The town of Khoosf is located 36 kilometers or in other words 42000 gaz to the west of Birjand on the brink of desert.The Khoosf County meets Sarayan on the northern side, Birjand on the eastern side, Nehbandan on the southern side, and the Tabas County on the western side. This town is located in 53 degrees and 53 minutes of the longitude and 32 degrees and 46 minutes of the latitude. Its height from sea level is 1300 meters.


Historical Background

Khoosf is considered to be one of the most ancient regions of the province from a historical point of view. The poems of Hakim Nezari and Kaal-Jangaal inscriptions, Lakh Mazar petroglyph, and Pahlavi inscriptions in a valley called “Master Tangal” are all indicative of the fact that the region is several thousand years old. Meanwhile, the discovery of petroglyphs validates that the main pathway of Khorasan and Ghohestan toward Kerman and southern Iran passed through the valleys of southeastern Birjand, particularly the “Master Valley.” The Baghran Mountain and the villages Noferest, Kouch, Kahin, and Chenesht were located on the verge of this desert.


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