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Aliabad-e-Katul is a city in Golestan province; a city with an appealing nature which attract people from far and near regions of Iran and the world every year. Aliabad-e-Katul is located in 40km of Gorgan, the capital city of Golestan province. It has a population of 140000. Aliabad-e-Katul currently includes two counties, two cities and four rural districts. The history of formation of this city returns to 1357 S.H, when the city was separated from Gorgan as an independent area.

Aliabad-e-Katul shares land borders with Aq Qhala and Gonbad Kavus to the north and a part of Alborz mountains constitutes the southern line of this city. The climate of different parts of this city can be divided into three Caspian, mountainous cold and semi-desert conditions due to its unique geographical location. 

Kaboud-val waterfall, located in 5km of Aliabad-e-Katul, is one of the most beautiful moss waterfalls where the tourism equipment has been installed in recent years. However, one must walk a relatively long direction in the heart of the jungle from the place of parking to the waterfall. Zarringol waterfall, Alaman waterfall and Khulin Darre waterfall are other waterfalls of Aliabad-e-Katul. Line of Mohammad Abad is a lush and mountainous area in Aliabad-e-Katul. The beautiful up-country villages such as Siah Marz Kuh, Chah-e Ja, Gharib Abad, Khulin Darreh, Ganu, Alestan, Mahian, Chali, Balachi, Tavir, Vasi Sar and Rig Cheshmeh are also located in this region as with extremely amazing nature and fresh air. The heights of this region are an attractive choice for those who are interested in mountain trekking. Zarringol is another lush and pretty village in Aliabad-e-Katul surrounded by the pristine jungle and green mountains. Chinu ancient hill, Mahian cemetery and Shoghal Tapeh are among the most important historical monuments of Aliabad-e-Katul.

Different local foods and cookies are cooked in Aliabad-e-Katul which are really favored in their rituals and ceremonies, interesting among them are Torshu (a kind of pottage), Selef stew and Babetu (a kind of cookie). Weaving carpets, wrapper, sewing Khorjin, felting, making wool fabrics and waving silk are the main handicrafts of Aliabad-e-Katul.


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