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Gorgan, one of the cities in the north of Iran, is located at 13/3 meters above the sea level with a temperate climate and partly warm and humid summer.

Gorgan has three areas of plains, foothills and mountainous parts based on its natural features and its southern regions have mountain climate however, the northern parts are sub-humid. Climatic diversity in this region is included mountain, forest, grasslands, plains, fields and salt marsh, sea and gulf, river and lagoon and farms, as well.

Gorgan consists of two parts named “Markazi”,”Baharan“, two cities and 5 rural districts.

Four industrial estates allocated the major industry of this city to themselves and agriculture is the main economic activity here. Also, the city is an important center for livestock, poultry and fish. Gorgan handicrafts beside the historical area of this city that is the third valuable historical area with an architectural style after Yazd and Isfahan and the vastest historical area in the north of Iran are the tourist attractions of this city along with its cultural and natural attractions.

The majority of Gorgan people are Fars speaking in Astarabadi (Gorgan) dialect. The current population of city has a great variety and is a combination of local ethnic groups as Fars, Turkmen and Sadat, Baluch, Sistani, Deilami, Mazandaran, Sabzevar, Kashmar, Shahroudi, and Bastami. Gorgan people are Shiite Muslims.

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