Ziarat Village

Ziarat Village


Ziarat Village

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Ziarat tourism village with the height of 1000 meters above the sea level, on the slope of a mountain, is located in the Khaserood River valley between two mountainous and forested hillsides.

This village with pleasant climate is considered as a summer region. The climate of this region is cool in summer and cold in winter.

This village with tourist attractions such as Imamzadeh Abdullah, spas with healing properties, waterfall, old villages, soaring and lush mountains and etc., has been introduced as one of the 10 villages with Assyria historical values.

The historical context of Ziarat village belongs to the Qajar and Pahlavi periods. All the remaining monumnets in the Ziarat village such as Takht-e Khosrow, Takht-e Dika, Asfandyar Mahale and etc., imply the antiquity of this village and its surrounding areas.

Residential compressed context of the village is the main feature of it in which each yard of every house is used as the way of the villager commute. Also, the color of the house's walls and its antiquity is another tourism attraction of this village. The average life of the people in this village because of the natural life and using the forested food is another interesting point.

Now, Ziarat village is expanding rapidly, so the old and historical village architecture has been tainted by new apartment buildings.

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