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Gomish Tapeh

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Gomish Tapeh

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Gomish Tapeh is one of the oldest cities of Golestan province located in the extreme northern part of the east side of Caspian Sea. This city ends to Turkmenistan from the north, Bandar Torkaman from the south, Aq Qala from the east and the Caspian Sea from the west.

Natural and historical attractions of this city are Gomeyshan international lagoon, mud volcano in the north of Gomeyshan, Alexander barrier and the remained parts of buildings in this city such as Gogalanies building (Gomish Tapeh anthropology museum), Khozeynies building, Shir Mohammadies building which have increased the importance of this border city.

The main economic activities of this city includes service sector, agriculture and fishing, industry (construction industry, local industries, handicrafts and rug weaving), respectively.

The Largest shrimp farming site in the north of Iran is active and in development in this city. Efforts to develop the city are continued with constructing the specialized fishery town, creating border markets in the north of the city, creating commercial port in the west and Khaje Nafas village and development of coastal tourism in Charqoli village. The race of Gomish Tapeh people is a branch of Turkmen and they speak in Turkmen language most of them are Muslims and followers of Sunni religion.

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