Great Wall of Gorgan

Great Wall of Gorgan


Great Wall of Gorgan

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Great wall of Gorgan with the names of "Red wall" or "Red Snake" is one of the most obvious Iranian architectural monuments, the third long wall of the world after the Great Walls of China and Germany.

This wall is noted in the Historical documents as Eskandar Dam, Anushirwan Dam, Firouz Dam and Qezel Alan. This wall relates to the late of Sassanid era which has been constructed to prevent from invading the northern enemies to both mountainous and plain areas in 5th and 6th century AD.

The great wall had many related structures across its path such as ditch, brick kilns, dam, water guiding channel and a series of castles (the castles linked to the wall and the castles of the neighboring small towns and large towns), the longest Iranian architectural, military and defenses monument which is destroyed and only small parts of it has been remained some now.

This was a unique defensive wall in which the local materials have been produced the supplied from the adjacent of wall in the past, constructed by Iranian architects. The color of most bricks used in this wall is inclined to be something between a pale goldenrod and red. Great wall of Gorgan is one of the most important tourist centers of Iran based on its passing from Bandar Torkaman, Aq Qala, Gonbad-e Qabus and Kalaleh (Turkmen Sahra).

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