Chekdirme, also pronounced as Chegidermeh or Chekidermeh, is one of the most delicious and popular dishes among the Turkmen people. It is commonly cooked in cities of Golestan province, including Gorgan, Bandar Turkmen, Aqqala, and Gonbad-e Kavus. The main ingredients of this dish are lamb meat and rice, cooked together with tomatoes, onions, tomato paste, spices, and cooking oil. The type of meat can vary, and different variations of Chegdermeh can be experienced based on the chosen meat. Some people use white meat such as chicken and fish, while others use camel meat. It is also common to substitute lamb with veal. However, none of these diverse variations of Chegdermeh can match the authentic version cooked with lamb meat in terms of its deliciousness. Although some prepare Chegdermeh with poultry or fish, known as "Shekam Por," which is very tasty in its own right and has many fans. 

Chegdermeh is the most famous traditional and local dish among the Turkmen ethnic group and tribes. This dish also has a long history in Iran. Besides being cooked as a daily meal at home, Turkmen people always cook and distribute Chegdermeh in certain ceremonies and events. It is considered the most famous traditional dish of Golestan province. Therefore, if you attend a wedding, Muharram ceremonies, religious events, or mourning ceremonies in this region of Iran, you will likely become familiar with the authentic cooking culture of this dish up close. One of the places where Chegdermeh is distributed as a votive offering among the people is the Khalid Nabi Cemetery, which is also a remarkable attraction in Golestan province. Interestingly, Turkmen people cook the authentic type of Chegdermeh in a special container called "Qazan."

Chegdermeh is a rich and high-calorie dish and can be detrimental to individuals who are overweight or have high cholesterol levels. Typically, this dish is served with local yogurt, pickles, and herbs, accompanied by local yogurt drink (doogh). Among the various Iranian dishes that are prevalent in most cities of Iran and familiar to everyone, Chegdermeh is the closest to Turkmen-style Chegdermeh. If you travel to any of the cities in Golestan province, you will definitely find high-quality restaurants where you can experience the taste of this famous local dish.

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