Lowe Waterfall

Lowe Waterfall


Lowe Waterfall

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As one of the waterfalls in Golestan Province, Lowe waterfall is situated in a forest region and it is one of the most beautiful touristic attractions in this province. Golestan located in the north-east of the country south of the Caspian Sea.

Many reasons make this waterfall one of the best destinations for tourists in Golestan province, such as proximity to the main road, or Adjacent to Golestan National Park (Golestan Jungle). This park has a variety of habitats, such as temperate broadleaf forests, grasslands, shrublands, and rocky areas

The water of Lowe waterfall flows from the top of the cliffs toward down; consequently, a collection of huge and tiny waterfalls can be seen all together. This waterfall consists of five floors and its water flows to a valley full of trees. There are also some small pools which are made from water which flows from each level of cliffs and these are another attraction in this waterfall.

Lowe waterfall is situated near the road Gorgan to Mashhad, so it is so easy to go visit this waterfall. The road to Lowe waterfall is so pleasing and it passes through a forest area which is next to Golestan National Park. This waterfall is near Galikesh County.

 Lowe waterfall is near to a village with the same name and it is nearly twenty-five kilometers to the east of Galikesh. Galikesh is one hundred ten-kilometer to Gorgan (the capital of Iran and Tehran Province). If you are a traveler and you pass through Asian road (Gorgan to Mashhad), there is a very good possibility to visit Lowe waterfall. As there are only five kilometers from this waterfall to the road, you can make a short trip to visit it.

The best time to travel in this region is spring and summer. Although, it is sometimes cold during the day and the night. So, it would be better to have warm clothes when you travel there. You can inhabit in local houses alongside the main road; however, you do not have many choices.

In addition to Golestan national park, Kooh Sangi (Rock Mountain) waterfall is attractive and it worth visiting. Located near Lowe and the road of Mashhad, Agh Su is another waterfall that can be visited.

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