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Encompassing an area of nearly 4548/2 square kilometers, Kazeroun city is located 154 kilometers west of Shiraz. It was originally composed of three villages of Nourd, Rahian and Deris used to be altogether Balad al-Atiq. However, in the late fourth century AH, it was changed into Kazeroun. Some believe that the name is driven from the word Gāzer and Gāzeroun because the main occupation of people was sewing a fabric named Touz, after washing cotton. And some other state that since the surrounding mountains had been extremely rich in natural wealth, it is called Kuh-e Zaran (which means the mountain containing gold). It is also famous as green city as the region is green and fresh in all year. Immediately after the first rainfall in the middle of Aban, the growth of wild plants in wheat and barley fields starts. The moderate weather in Kazeroun makes the growth of all kinds of fruits possible; Date, orange, limon and bitter orange along with apple and fig, peach, and even banana and persimmon. 

The most interesting among the attractions of Kazeroun are the historical city of Kazeroun, Imamzadeh Seyyed Hossain, Tang-e Tikab, Bagh-e Nazar, Shapur I Sculpture inside the Shapur Cave in the southern plains of Kazeroun located in the central part of the region, Dashte Barm, Sarmashhad and Parishan Lake in two parts of Jareh and Baladeh. 

Sasan spring surrounded by wonderful natural landscapes and historical caves like Tang-e Chogan in which you can see the carved sculpture of Shapur I, are among the natural attractions of Kazeroun city. 




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