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Pasargadae city is located between two mountains of Zagros mountain range at the height of 1700 meters above the sea level.

The climatic condition of this city is Mediterranean moderate with partly cold winter and moderate summer. Pasargadae county consists of two districts named “Hakhamanesh“ and “Markazi“, two cities as “Madar Soleiman“ and “Saadat Shahr“ and four rural districts.

Pasargadae world heritages collection, a collection of ancient structure remained from Achaemenid  era  which  includes  different  parts  such  as:  Cyrus the  great  tomb, Pasargadae mosque, Pasargadae royal garden, Darvazeh palace, bridge, Bar-e a'm palace, exclusive palace, two palaces, royal garden fountains, Cambyses tomb, Tal-e Takht defensive structures, Mozafari caravanserai, sacred ground and Tange Bolaghi in Madar-e Soleiman region were the causes of establishing the Hakhamanesh district in Pasargadae county and Madar Soleiman village was promoted to the Madar Soleiman city by the promotion of four villages to towns in Fars province at February 14, 2013.

Madar Soleiman is the host of a large number of local and foreign tourists in different times of the year due to the valuable historical monuments and beautiful natural attractions in the region. In addition to tourism, agriculture and livestock constitute the economy of the people in this region. People of Pasargadae speak in Farsi and, migrant tribes in its surrounding villages speak in Luri, Turki, Arabi and etc.The religion of people in this region is Islam and they are followers of Twelver (Davazdah Imami) Shia.


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