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Abadan county is located in the southwest of Khuzestan province, at an altitude of two meters above sea level. Abadan is a peninsula which is surrounded by the Bahmanshir River, the Arvand River and the Persian Gulf and also connected to the Iran-Iraq border and some cities. The city has hot and humid weather. Abadan county has two parts of "Arvandkenar" and "Markazi", three cities "Arvandkenar", "Abadan" and "Choubdeh" and six villages.

Abadan is one of the most prominent cities in the Khuzestan province after Ahvaz. This city was considered as one of the most beautiful and memorable cities in Iran before the invasion of Iran by Iraq. During Iran-Iraq War (8 years), Abadan was attacked by the enemy which led to mass destruction.

The economy of this region is based on Abadan Petroleum Industry and Abadan Oil Refinery (Iran's first oil refinery and one of the largest oil exporting refineries in the world), Petrochemical and Arvand Free Zone. Arvand Free Zone (including Abadan, Khorramshahr and Minushahr) due to its proximity to Iraq and Kuwait, and with great transportation capacity, is the largest free zone in Iran after Mako and Qeshm Free Zones, and trade, industrial, tourism and transit activities take place there.

For other main occupations we can name jobs and careers related to customs, ports and maritime office, industrial town (industries such as concrete parts, polyethylene pipes, flotation, food industry, home appliances, construction materials production, etc.), international airport, sports (football) and fishing. Needless to say that making stunning handicrafts is one of the main part of local people's life; Brooms woven with tree leaves Dates (sa'af) and woven products from the fibers and cluster, mat weaving, making decorative items from shells, carpet weaving, kilim weaving, pottery can be named but a few. Dates (the highest production in the province), spices, fish and shrimp are the most important souvenirs of this city.

The language of most people in Abadan is Persian and Arabic and Lori languages ​​are also common in this region. The people of Abadan are mostly Muslim and Shia.

Best Time to Visit: Fall and Winter

Best Attractions: Church of Abadan, Abadan Museum, Rangooniha Mosque


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