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استان خراسان جنوبی
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Sarbishe is located in the north eastern border of Lut desert and southeast of Birjand County in an international road of Birjand – Zahedan.

Sarbishe has a common border with Darmian county from the north, Nehbandan from the south, and 110 km shared border with Afghanistan. Its height is 1550 meters above sea level and its climate is hot and arid.

Sarbishe consists of 2 parts named "Markazi" and "Mood" 2 city as "Sarbishe" and "Mood" and 5 rural districts. The construction of this city dates back to many years ago. Sarbishe historical buildings and monuments include the ancient sites and hills, old castles and houses, caves dating back to even before the advent of Islam and villages which represents the cultural richness and civilization of this region. Sarbishe with its specific characteristics is the valuable area of the province and enjoys a great tourist capability beside its natural attractions and mineral water springs as well as shrines and religious attractions.

The industries of this city can be divided into two parts, machine industries and crafts. Most of the Sarbishe people are active in agriculture and animal husbanary. The people of this region speak in Sarbishei dialect. The people of this region were Zoroastrianism before the advent of Islam. All of them are Muslim and they are follower of Sunni and Shia.

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