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Darmiyan is one of the cities of South Khorasan Province located in the east of Iran. 70 kilometers of the land border of Iran and Afghanistan is placed in this city. It includes three counties, four cities and six rural districts. Darmiyan county was turned into Darmiyan city in 1384 S.H, according to the governmental approval.

The climate of this city is temperate, partially cold and arid. The temperate climate of the city caused an increase in the population and made it be prospered.

Most of people here are Fars who speak in a local dialect. A part of the population is from Arab and Baluch tribes. The religion of them are both Shia’ and Sunni.

One of the main tourism destinations in this city is Forg village. The historical castle of Forg that is among the most important historical castles of South Khorasan province and even Iran, is also placed here. The texture of Forg village has been formed above the mountain surrounding a giant castle. Forg is among the oldest villages of Darmiyan. Based upon the existing documents, the construction of Forg castle was started in time of Nader Shah Afshar. The distance between the castle and Birjand, the capital city of South Khorasan, is about 110 kilometers.

Tabas Masina windmills (called Asbad locally) are other historical monuments of Darmiyan. The history of their construction backs to Qajar period. These historical monuments have been inscribed on the list of national monuments of Iran. Tabas Masina is approximately 40 kilometers far from the center of Darmiyan city. The historical castle of Tabsa Masina is another historical building of this city.

Hendevalan central mosque is also among the historical materials of Darmiyan located in a village with the same name. the architecture of different parts of this building, especially the façade, dome house, alter (Mihrab) and the columned prayer hall is extremely considerable. The mausoleum of Soltan Ibrahim Reza is one of the main historical buildings of Darmiyan. This building is placed in the hot water village of Gazik. The old plane tree of Doshangan (or Doshinagn) is among the natural attractions of Darmiyan related to 700 to 750 years ago.

Weaving carpet, fabric, kilim, Gabbeh, Khameh, Jajim, sewing Sermeh and Sekke (coin) are among the main handicrafts of Darmiyan.

Interesting among the agricultural products of Darmiyan are barberry, jujube, almond, walnut, pistachio and plum. The alterant industries and dry fruits produced from these products are the souvenirs of Darmiyan, too.

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