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The city of Boshrooyeh is located in the east of Iran, northwest of Southern Khorasan Province. Its geographical coordinates are 57° 59' E longitude and 33°-34° 31'-54' N latitude. Furthermore, it is on the edge of desert and at an altitude of 880 meters above sea level. The city borders with Bajestan to its north, Tabas to its west, village of Deyhuk to its south, and Ferdows to its east.

Historical Background

The region of Boshrooyeh has an old history. Based on the evidences and monuments (Qaleh Dokhtar and Tarnaw), one can argue that Boshrooyeh dates back to pre-Islamic era. In the fifth century AH, Naser Khosrow, who was passing through the region, stopped at Raqqeh rural district and spoke of the flowing waters, agriculture, gardens, battlement, Adineh (Friday) mosque, etc. The urban foundation of Boshrooyeh indicates that the city had a relatively fast growth during its development during Timurid era. The most important evidence of the old civilization in Boshrooyeh is the existence of an almost rectangular square at the center of the city and the middle of the main Rasteh (row) of the old bazaar of Boshrooyeh, which has undergone many changes throughout the time. The passageways of Boshrooyeh are along with aqueduct pathways coming from Raqqeh Mountains. The most important old passageways of Boshrooyeh were Hosseiniyeh Rabati Alley and the main Rasteh (row) of the bazaar, which continued to the west and outside the city after crossing the main square. The old city of Boshrooyeh has four main neighborhoods: Miyandeh, Payin-Mahalleh, Moqri, and Sarpol. This is one of the broadest historical contexts of Southern Khorasan, where mud brick houses with windcathers reveal the exquisite architecture of Timurid and Safavid eras in its original form. Prominent features of this architecture are its stability, persistence, and influence on the surrounding area. Looking at these old houses, one can notice the evolution of residential architecture in its perfect form.




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