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Tehran Book Garden







Tehran Book Garden is one of those unique and fantastic urban spaces which had been needed hardly by millions of population and thousands of students of Tehran. A cultural and dynamic atmosphere that not only has provided a window on the knowledge, but also has turned into an identity for Tehran. Tehran Book Garden has obtained positive feedback internationally which is one of the largest cultural spaces in the Middle East. If you are a bibliophile or a student, the Book Garden can suit your needs; or if you have children and you are looking for a quiet environment with facilities for children, the book garden is going to be a great option for a scientific and recreational tour; and finally, if you are not in any of these groups and just want to spend a different afternoon, the Book Garden is still a unique option for browsing.
Previously, the only great experience of books and bookstores of Tehran was the Tehran International Book Fair; Although it has been held for many years and has a large group of fan, it has not yet reached a standard space, and the Book Fair always reminds of congestion and traffic jams. But now, the Book Garden has created a permanent book fair, an exhibition with the best facilities and a very friendly atmosphere suitable for those who are bookworms. Tehran Book Garden is a multi-year project that has been set up in the hills of Abbasabad and next to the National Library of Iran by several years of efforts to design a dynamic urban space for book readers. Now, this attraction is a brilliant urban space of the capital, which is enough to step into it to immerse yourself in the sea of books and make good memories.

Address 1: Tehran Book Garden, National Library exit, Haqqani Highway, Vanak Square

Address 2: Tehran Book Garden, the exit of Islamic Revolution and Holy Defence Museum and the Book Garden of Tehran, Shahid Hemmat Highway

 Address 3: Tehran Book Garden (direct route), 10-minute walk from the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defence Museum, Haqqani Metro station

Postal Code: 1536613114

Phone Number (IVR): (009821)96045500

Phone Number (public relations and international affairs): (009821)96045750

Fax: (009821)88657192 – (009821)88657191

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