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Ghazzali Cinema Town

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Few Clouds





Do you like to walk in Tehran in the thirties or forties, to watch the parties of stars in the Pahlavi period at the Grand Hotel? Do you like to buy something from Champs-Élysées and watch the last Hollywood movies at Taban Cinema? I should say to you that your dream is not so far away from you and it is just enough to go to the west of Tehran. Just like a magical time machine, Ghazzali Cinema Town through you to the Reza Khan Era and old Tehran.

Designed by Johnny Cortina, this project was built in 1358 SH under the supervision of Mohammad Mehdi Dadgou and the Late Ali Hatami was the researcher. Although, it was officially opened in 1373 SH. At first, Ghazzali Cinema Town, which was made to create Hezar Dastan (who has one thousand hands) series, developed day by day insofar as it can be found in the most historical series in Iran. The movies, such as Hezar Dastan, the Holy Mariah, the Mother, Delshodegan, Shahr Ashoob, dar Chashm e Bad (in the wind eye), British handbag, Imam Ali, Kolah Pahlavi, Shahrzad and many other masterpieces was filmed in this town. There are some other places in this town such as Toopkhooneh Square, The City Hall, Grand Hotel, Ekbatan, and Pars Café. Not only it reminds you of the scenes from the movie you had watched, but also take your hand and take you through history.  For example, Laleh Zar Street (known as Champs-Élysées in Tehran) has been remarkably renovated. An old train inhabits there that does not work, but you can sit in it and watch the old Tehran. In addition to the famous street at old Tehran, the Late Ali Hatami has reconstructed Khani Abad quarter with its ancient forms and style in order to make Takhti. The pavement is a tempting walking road. There are also lots of faces and characters which are not real. The rooms where you can find the costumes of actors in historical movies and by paying some money, you can choose whatever you like and after wearing them, you can take the photos with all the locations.

Located in the west of Tehran, Ghazzali Cinema Town is in Shahid Lashgari Highway. If you are in Tehran, go to the Azadi square and move to Makhsoos Karaj or Shahid Lashgari road. When you get to the 15-kilometer Makhsoos road after Saipa Motor Corporation enters to the fifty-five streets. If you do not want to visit this town in your own car, you can use the taxis in Azadi square for Makhsoos road and reaches to Ghazzali Cinema Town.

You can profit from the catering facilities such as grand hotels and traditional restaurants in Ghazzali Cinema Town. In addition, it is possible to take some photos of old Tehran Atelier and riding carriage. There is a specific parking lot for visitors. It should be said that there is a guide for the group with more than ten members to explain all the attractions and monuments for visitors.

Do not thrust all the buildings and during visiting, especially when you enter the buildings, take good care. Some of the buildings are completely decorative and it is possible that they would be destroyed. Never permit the children to enter into a building alone and some of the buildings are dangerous due to the exhaustion.           

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