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Sardasht is located in the West Azerbaijan province, however, most of its people is Kurd who speak in Kurdish language. Sardasht is among the border cities of Iran and it has a 100kilometer common border with Kurdistan of Iraq. The city shares land borders with Kurdistan to the south and is about one hour and a half away from Baneh. Its northern neighbor is Piranshahr and the eastern one is Mahabad. It also reaches the border of Iran and Iraq to the west. This city is placed on the hillside of Gerdeh Sur mountain.

In the central district there are the cities of Sardasht, Rabat and Alan, Bask Kuleseh, Baryaji and Gewirk. Mirabad city, Gewrik-e Nalin and Melkari rural districts belong to Vazineh county.  The climate of this city is mountainous temperate. Many forests are seen in the middle of the plant cover. Interesting among the high mountains of this region are Tarkhan, Landi Sheykhan, Dashan, بلفت Balaft and Havineh Mal.

Establishing three border markets in this region caused the demanded goods in Mahabad, Baneh and Piranshahr cities to be supplied from Sardasht.

The existence of the remains of Parthian castle in this region indicates the long history of human life here. Zardasht and Zardashtar are the old names of Sardasht. At present, Kurd people of Sardasht speak mostly in Surani and Mokriani Kurdish.

The summer warmth is not harmful in this region and therefore, it is a good host for tourists in this season, too. The winter of Sardasht is also an appropriate time for those who are interested in ski and travel in snow.

Shalmash waterfall is one of the most well-known attractions of Sardasht that has been formed from three waterfalls full of water. The distance of Shalmash waterfall to the center of the city is about 15km. one of the other attractions of Sardasht is the mineral fountain of Garavan near the Kani Guyz village. The water bubbled from this fountain has medicinal feature.

Zab river and the dam of Sardasht, Qajar bath of Bisotun in the center of the city, the historic bridge of Qaleh Tasian, the protected forest region of Mirabad, Shalmash valley, Alan region and Razgeh waterfall and historical hill of Rabat are the other attractions of Sardasht. 

The delicious local foods are cooked in this city like Berbesel, Kalaneh, Tarkhineh, Ashi Mast, Ashi Gilakhe, Khoreshi Karg, Dolmeh Losheh, Qarumeh and Kuki Pangeh. The most famous souvenir of Sardasht is sumac since the city produces a high quality sumac. Moreover, tourists buy the black grapes, wild pear, fig, hawthorn and local honey from here as the other Sardasht souvenirs.




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