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Waterfalls of Shalmash

Waterfalls of Shalmash


Waterfalls of Shalmash

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Shalmash in one of the most important and roaring waterfalls in West Azerbaijan Province which is located in Sardasht city. It experiences the highest level of water during the spring and it finally falls into a green and beautiful valley.

For most Iranians the name of Sardasht evokes the war and its horrible circumstances during the chemical bombing by Iraq, however, a travel to this beautiful region and visiting the wonderful landscapes may partly fade the unpleasant memories of those hard years.

Shalmash which is a branch of Zab-e Kouchak River, has approximately 15meters height. In fact, the fall includes three small waterfalls which have been arranged in a sequence. So that, the last one is close to the parking. In order to see two other waterfalls located in the lower part of the valley, one has to go down through the staircase which has been built along the route of waterfall. You can reach the lake under the waterfall after 385 stairs.

The flora around the waterfall includes the walnut, oak and pomegranate trees. The greenery of this place is indeed exemplary in the spring, however, the snowy landscapes and ice appearance is among other attractions desirable for nature trekkers.

There is about 20km way between Sardasht and Shalmash Waterfall. It also should be said that there exists a tourism and recreational complex close to the waterfall. 

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