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Mineral Spring of Garavan

Mineral Spring of Garavan


Mineral Spring of Garavan

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In the middle of grasslands and forests there is a hill with a strange and colorful shape that attracts the attention of the viewer. This hill is, in fact, resulted from the activities of a mineral spring. The chemical minerals of the water have formed beautiful and amazing layers of sediment.

Mineral Springs of Garavan is located close to Kani Gaviz Village of Rabt County, in the province of West Azerbaijan. It is about twelve kilometers from Sardasht County. To reach this unique geological phenomenon, the traveler should head to the northeast of Sardasht County.

The strange and unique shape of the hill that is formed over the water spring is the result of the minerals that exist in the gassed water that exits from the heart of the earth. It is estimated that there is about one gram of mineral in one liter of water. As the water runs on the ground, its mineral creates sediments with different colors.

The process of deposition and accumulation of the sediments during a long period of time has led to the formation of a large limestone landmass that surrounds the water spring. This natural and huge mass is about twenty meters tall and has formed a long time ago.

Mineral Spring of Garavan is located one thousand and two hundred and six meters higher than sea level. A visitor can vividly see the activity of the spring, as well as the water flowing through the sediments, form its top. The water of the spring travels for a while and later flows into Zab Kuchak River.

Like many other mineral springs, the healing properties of its water attract many tourists each year and have led to the prosperity of tourism of this region. The tourists usually seek treatments for skin diseases, bone pains, heart conditions such as Rheumatism and joint pains. Therefore, they come to Sardasht County and Kani Gaviz village to benefit from the spring waters. Being rich in minerals, the water is salty and naturally undrinkable, but in addition to healing diseases, it has proved to beautify skin.

Once traveling there, the visitor can also enjoy breathtaking views, too.

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