Atashgah Waterfall

Atashgah Waterfall


Atashgah Waterfall

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Atashgah Waterfall is one of the natural attractions of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province located in 40km of Lordegan city. This roaring waterfall which is also known as Miniature Waterfall because of its unique landscape, is one of the most popular attractions in the west of Bakhtiari Iran.

There exists a collection of several waterfalls in the Atashgah village and valley and it is why the waterfalls have been given the same name, all waterfalls are flowing along a 3-km route on the ground and therefore, they bear the title of one of the longest waterfalls in Iran.  

The number of waterfalls varies based on the volume of water increased or decreased in different seasons of the year and sometimes seven or ten waterfalls are created.  

The route of the waterfall originates from Dena Mountains in the central Zagros mountains in south of Isfahan and north of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahamd and make the Khorasan River, then, after crossing different ups, downs and valleys it constitutes one of the main origins of Karoun River and finally it falls into Karoun Dam.

Being near to Khuzestan Province makes the weather of the region partly warm and in this regard it makes a good destination for travelers and nature lovers in all seasons.  Among the main facilities of this place the asphalt road, special spaces to rest and canopies can be referred.

There are also other attractions like the vast valleys and meadow here in addition to waterfalls. Moreover, this region embraces some geological attractions, too. Limestone and gypsum make the appearance of the region highly beautiful and unique at the heart of the flora.

In order to reach the collection of Atashgah waterfalls one has to traverse a distance about 40km from Lordegan to Milas and Sardasht villages. It should also be said that you have to walk a distance from the nearest village to the waterfall. If you are going to travel to Atashgah Waterfall from Shahr-e Kord, the capital city of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province, your distance will be approximately 200km.

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