Takht-e Soleyman

Takht-e Soleyman


Takht-e Soleyman

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Known as an important historical and cultural complex and, according to legend, the birthplace of Zoroaster, Takht-e Soleyman had been the dwelling of different tribes along history: Mendes, Achaemenian, Parthian, Sassanian and Ilkhanian. It was considered as one of the largest pre-Islamic Iranian instructional, religious, social and worship center.

In addition to the historical remains of Azargoshtasp fire temple, located within an oval wall, around a magical lake, with a depth of 12 m, at the center of the complex (equally in summer and winter, the water temperature is usually 21 °C.) and 38 towers on the natural stony plates made from the sediments of the lake, there are some natural settings here: hollow mountain sugarloaf shape (Soleyman Prison Mountain), Castles (Belqeis castle) and monitoring towers, remains of the temples (Anahita temple), halls, hot springs, stone wall made of the lake sediments, rivers, movable grass, various lakes, various mines, beautiful mountain landscapes and heritages of the first millennium BC, old stone mines etc.

The carved stones and large bricks used in the construction of the place have made the monument appearance most unique and beautiful.



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