West Azarbaijan Province
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Takab is located in the southeastern of West Azerbaijan province at a height of 1765 meters above the sea level. This city is limited to the East Azerbaijan province from the north, Kurdistan province from the south, Shahin Dezh from the west and Zanjan province from the east.

Takab is a mountainous region with the partly cold weather. Takab county consists of two districts named “Takht-e Soleiman” and “Markazi”, one city as “Takab“and 6 rural districts.

Takab is one of the most important cities of the province in terms of monuments, natural attractions and valuable mines around it. Takht-e Soleyman world heritage and Soleyman prison are the most important historical and tourism attractions of this city. In addition to services, livestock and agriculture constitute the economy of this city.

Apiculture, handicraft such as carpet weaving (Afshar carpet known as steely carpet), Glim, Jajim and prayer rug (Sajadeh) are the other economic activities of people in this region. Numerous mines such as Zarshouran mine (the biggest gold mine of Iran), the big and active gold mine of Aghdare (the second gold mine of Iran) in this region are the causes to rank Takab first in terms of gold production in Iran. Takab people speak in Turki Azerbaijani, Kurdi Surani and Kurdi Kurmanji as well as Farsi.

The dominant religion of this region is Islam and most of people are the followers of Shia. Most of the people who speak in Kurdish in this region are the followers of Shafei religion and some of them are the followers of Ahl-e Hagh.

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