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Rayen is a historic and tourism city in Kerman located on the hillside of Hazaran mountains, one of the highest peaks of Iran. It is placed 100km to Kerman as a high city with approximately 2200 meters above the sea level. Rayen embraces so many tourism attractions and is among the tourism cities of Kerman.  The weather of Rayen is mountainous with cold winters and cool summers. 
Arg-e Rayen is one of the most important tourism attractions of this city. This Arg is one of the biggest adobe buildings of Iran. The structure of this castle is similar to Arg-e Bam. The area of Arg-e Rayen is about 20000 m2. Since Rayen city is placed on west to east highway, this city was among the important cities of this region. Therefore, Arg-e Rayen has been the host of caravans and merchants and the place of trading. The interesting point about this Arg is that people lived there even until 150 years ago. After that time Arg-e Rayen was forgotten for many years until 1374 S.H, when its restoration started. 
Rayen waterfall or Zar-Rud is among the natural tourism attractions of Rayen which is placed on the hillsides of Hazaran mountain. Gishigan waterfall is another waterfall in this region located in 30km to Rayen. The waterfall emanates from the heights of Sarmeshk and is located in a lush area. 
Another natural attraction of this region is the volcanic craters in a 30km distance to the city. These craters were first supposed to be the result of meteorite collision, however, the further evaluations show that they have been created by volcanic activities. Jama mosque of Rayen, Imamzadeh Zeyd shrine, Shir-e Khoda shrine are among the religious buildings and shrines of Rayen.
Forging and metal working are the handicrafts of this city with a long history. Knife, sword, gun, sickle, whittle and the crown of mourning flags are among the products of Rayen’s blacksmiths. Carpet weaving and carpentry are other handicrafts of Rayen people.
The especial comestibles of Kerman such as Kolompeh, Komach Sehen, Qotab, Qovatoo, pistachio, walnut, date and citrus can be bought as Rayen souvenirs. 


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