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Meybod is located in the northwest of Yazd, beside Tehran- Bandar Abbas road and Tehran-Kerman railway, along the edge of the central desert of Iran with the height of 1234 m above the sea level.

Its eastern lands are plain and even and it end up in the foothills and Aqda south heights from the west. This city enjoys a warm and arid climate.

Meybod consists of one part named “Markazi”, two cities and two rural districts. Meybod is the second urban and commercial center and populous city after Yazd in Yazd province.

Meybod is one of the first primary sedentism centers in Iran and the city registered on the Iran historical heritage list based on its valuable historical area. Meybod is one of the tourism regions based on its location and geographical situation.

This city is highly rich with mine resources and its economy depends on the industry. Numerous tile and ceramic factories have turned this city into the center of tile and ceramic industry in Iran.

The prosperity of pottery, tile and ceramic industry should be evaluated in terms of its connection between industry and tradition. Handicrafts especially Meybod carpet and ceramic products export to the other cities of Yazd, all around of Iran and World. The biggest Quail breeding center in the country with the second place in the Middle East is located in Meybod. Agriculture is common in this city from the past. People of this city are Muslims and they speak in Farsi with Yazdi dialect.


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