Bushehr Province
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Bushehr port is located in the center of Bushehr province at the height of 18 m above sea level and Persian Gulf coast area and it is surrounded by the Persian Gulf in the north, west and south.

The climatic condition of this city is semi-desert, but it enjoys a pleasant climate in cold seasons. Bushehr consists of 2 districts "Markazi" and "Khark", 3 cities and 2 rural districts.

Sunny beaches have the spectacular sights which are a combination of white, yellow and brown colors. The ancient architecture of this city has been registered on the national monuments list. Bushehr port is one of the most important industrial areas and economical center of Iran based on its specific situations in commerce, import and export, some big petrochemicals companies and some big industrial projects which have been performed in Bushehr such as Bushehr nuclear power plant and ship making that are the reasons of labor immigration to this city.

Agriculture, livestock, fishing and industry are the other economic sources of this area. Bushehr is one of the main cities in producing the date and date harvesting besides the fishing which is a major activity of people who live there.

The industries of this port are divided into manual industries and machine industries the most significant of which are ship and boat making, Tor Bafi, Jar, pottery and etc. Bushehr was the first place with lithography, the leader of electricity and ice making industries and also the people who live there were the first ones who became familiar with publications and journals.

The first commercial companies and consulates of the foreign countries such as Britain, Germany, Russia and Ottoman Empire established in this city, but they were transferred to Khoramshahr by burgeon of urban railway.

Nowadays, most of the residents in Bushehr are locals, but the most of immigrants to this area are the people of Kazeroon, Shiraz, Abadan, Dashtestan, Dashti, Tangestan. The old dialect of Bushehr is a kind of Farsi which is well known to be Bushehri dialect.


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