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Siraf Port

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Siraf Port is located in Bushehr Province along the coast of Persian Gulf. This part was highly prospered during Sassanid Period as the center of maritime commerce because it was the connecting port of Iran and the world through the Pars Sea. 
Siraf has 40minutes’ distance to Kangan and three hours’ distance to Bushehr. Also, the distance between this port and Tehran is almost 14 hours. Siraf is dependent on the central part of Kangan. The name of this city was Artehsirab in Sassanid period which has been transferred firstly into Shirab and then into Sirab over time. However, it was also called Taheri Port for a while until 1387 S.H, when it was named again Siraf Port. 
The historical Siraf was badly damaged two times by two earthquakes in 327 and 496 S.H, so that it was partly sunk under water but then later revived. 
Siraf Port has a main street which reaches to the sea from one side and to the mountain from other side. The height of city is not more than 30meters from sea level. Most of the houses are one-storey here and they include a yard. A place for keeping the livestock, grass, grains and hunting tools has been considered in most of the houses in this city.
The followers of different religions lived in this region in the past and the existence of a historical cemetery confirms this fact. Today, almost 40 percent of the population is Sunni and 60 percent Shia’. Most of people speak in Farsi but the Arabic language is also popular here. 
Tourist visit to Siraf Port has been increased in recent years. Besides the pristine coast and the clean sky, this city has many historical places which attract people from other regions, including the 200-years-old Sheikh Jabbar Nasouri Mansion, crypts, and the cemeteries of civilizations in Lir valley, a fire temple placed on the hills of Lir valley, Sibouyeh mausoleum and almost 100 stone wells for water reservoir. 
One Ilkhanate historical attraction namely Imam Hasan Basri mosque which has been constructed above the Sassanid fort is another visitable region of Siraf Port along with the pristine coast of Persian Gulf. 
It is clear that fish supposed to have a highlighted role in daily foods of people who live in a coastal city. Fish is used in most of the local foods of Siraf such as baked stuffed fish, grilled fish, Majbous OR Dampokht-e Mahi (fish), Ghalieh Mahi, Ghatogh Mahi, Koufteh Mahi, Palil, Ghalieh Sorou and Tahchin-e Mahi. 
Siraf people also make traditional foods and cookies like rice Halva, Samanu, Kashk and oil with date, starch, Dongo and Angosht Pich Halva. 
The most famous souvenirs which are bought by the travelers are maritime products as fresh shrimp and fish. Moreover, the handicrafts of this southern port of Iran are considered to be an important part of souvenir including Mat and Maritime products like shell jewelries. Choob-o-Chalak or Alak Dolak, Kharak Che Kharak and Salam Salam-e Khaltoun are among the most exciting plays in this city. 

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