Bushehr Historical Area

Bushehr Historical Area


Bushehr Historical Area

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The Bushehr Historical area is located in the northern part of a triangle-shaped peninsula "in the triangle vertex", which has a dent in the Persian Gulf consists of four neighborhoods as "Dehdashti", "Shahabadi", "Kuti", "Behbahani" and it is highly known for these neighborhoods according to ethnicities who live there.

Bushehr historical areas like other historical cities contain gates, towers, bazaar, cistern, bathroom, mosque, governmental citadel, square etc. it also contains 1,000 houses that are the physical elements of constituting an Iranian-Islamic town.

This area prosperity dates back to Qajar when Bushehr was the Iran's gateway for different nations. Bushehr historical area dates back to the reign of Nader Shah Afshar period. Its close proximity to Shiraz as the Iranian capital was the reason of its importance during the Zand period.

Generally, up to about 1335 AH, Bushehr port was limited to historical area and the most unique and important urban function to ensure the resident’s life, centralized in this area, but the organic area of the city has undergone severe physical, economic and performance damages as the result of the urban changes.

Bushehr historical areas mansion and residential buildings have unique features so that it is impossible to find out the same in some other parts of country.

This style of architecture is famous as "Beit Milani". Interior and exterior facades of the building are the most important distinguishing historic features of Bushehr, which is limited to the houses central facades in the central areas of Iran.

The main materials used in the building structures were stone, wood and stucco. Stucco, lime, mirror work, Orsi, Lambe Kobi etc., are decorations which can be seen in Bushehr historical area. 

Constitutive elements of house in the historic areas are; 1-entrance 2- central courtyard 3- rooms 4- Terrace “Shanashil “ or “Shanashir” which is known  as “Moshrebie“ in southern coast of Persian gulf and it can be seen on the exterior facades and sometimes on interior sides as decorative and climate elements.

The wooden or metal shutter balcony that is placed in front of the upper floors' doors and have an important role in both air circulating inside the room and access to different spaces of building. 5- The roof and parapet 6- -Pier and troughs body 7- Wooden Sheds and structures 8- entrance door 9- windward 10- stairs 11- fence.

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