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Rais Ali Delvari Museum

Rais Ali Delvari Museum

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Delvar village is a small port and the center of one of the coastal parts of Tangestan city, that is located in 50km to Bushehr city. Delvar means Delavar (literary meaning a brave person) which is also called Delbar. People here are mostly occupied with fishing and traveling to sheikhdoms. Rais Ali Delvari (1261-1294 S.H) was a Lor constitutionalist fighter and the leader of south insurrection in Tangestan against the British forces during the World War I. his youth was spent at the same time as the colonial presence of Britain in the Persian Gulf. He played a vital role in the south insurrection. The insurrection of Tangestan people under his leadership lasted totally seven years. Tangestan brave youth followed two purposes in this period: protecting of Bushehr, Tangestan and Dashtestan as their homelands and preventing the alien forces from entering the country and defending the independence of the land. The repeated fights of Rais Ali Delvari and Tangestan brave youth with Britain and its allies continued to 1294 S.H. Shahrivar 12, when Britain finally failed the war. It was in this time that Rais Ali was martyred, at age 33, by one of his betrayer companions while he was going to raid Britain forces in a place naming Tangak-e Sefr. Based upon the approval of the Supreme Revolutionary Council (in 1389 S.H.) the anniversary of Rais Ali Delvari martyrdom on Shahrivar 12 has been called the “national day of anti-colonialism” and its house near to the coast of the small city of Delvar, that is one district in Tangestan, was transferred into the Museum of Rais Ali Delvari, under the supervision of Cultural Heritage Organization, in 1378 S.H. Several traditional symbols such as the customs, rituals, guns etc., are displayed to the public in this museum. The house has a plain building including some stucco works. The colored lattice glass has made the interior space of the museum suitable for photography. Before the main room there is a roofed restaurant and after that the visitor can observe the entrance of the house as a wooden door. 

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