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Bandar Torkaman was established in 1307 S.H, in time of Reza Shah Pahlavi with the name of Bandar-e Shah. The aim of Reza Shah of doing so was the construction of the last station of the south-north railroad and setting up the fisheries. After the revolution and based on the delegation of ministers, this port and its surrounding areas constitute together the city of Bandar Torkaman. Today, this city includes two districts, one city and four villages with the population of 79978.

Although the economy of this city was designed to be based on the railroad and port, the port has never been a commercial port, because of the constant changes in the sea depth and reduction of ship drinking. Currently, only burning materials and petroleum are disembarked in Bandar Torkaman in order to be used in powerhouses of this region.

The economy of Bandar Torkaman is based on producing carpets and kilim, hunting and producing caviar, agriculture and handicrafts. Fishing is also one of the main jobs of people in this city.

Ashuradeh Island in the west of Bandar Torkaman is one of the famous tourism attractions of this city. Ashuradaeh is the biggest Iranian island in Caspian Sea. Going from Bandar Torkaman to Ashuradeh island is possible through motorboat. Many years ago, people lived in this island, however, it was abandoned after rising sea level in 1372 S.H.

Gomishan lagoon is one of the natural attractions of Bandar Torkaman, located in the north of city. Thousands of migrating birds spend their winter in this lagoon every year.

Recreational pier of Bandar Torkaman is also an appropriate place for disporting. One can also ride a boat and visit the bazaars of this place. The coastal bazaar of Bandar Torkaman is near this pier.


Located in 10 km to Bandar Torkaman, Qadamgah of Khaje Baha-ud-din Naqshbandi is one of the historical attractions of this city. Baha-ud-din Naqshbandi was a saint-like ascetic whose followers still live in Iran, India and China. Some believe that he lived in this place for a while.

The spring horseback riding course attracts many people to this region every year.  The wedding ceremonies of Torkaman people is hold with special rituals which have maintained their traditional style in some regions. Chegdermeh is one of the best-known local Torkaman foods that is cooked in Bandar Torkaman.

Weaving carpet and rug, embroidery, making Torkaman jewelries, felting and making pillow are among the interesting handicrafts of Bandar Torkaman.

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