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Sari is located on the foothills of the Alborz mountain range and the south of the Caspian Sea at the height of 22/7 m above the sea level.

This city has 2 mountains and plain parts. Moderate and humid summers and partly cool and arid winter are the climatic features of Sari. Sari consists of 6 parts naming ”Markazi“, ”Chahardange“, ”Dodange”, ”Kelijan Rastagh”, ”Roodpey”, ”Northern Roodpey”, four cities and 15 rural districts.

Sari is the biggest and the most populous city in Mazandaran province, one of the most significant cities in the northern region of Iran where there are in religious and historical places, various natural attractions as mountain, forest, plains and sea ports addition to vicinity to the margin of Damghan as a desert attraction which turned it into one of the attractive zones in Iran. The economy of this city depends on agriculture and foodstuff based on its natural situation so that it has the highest level of producing the sea products such as Caviar among all regions of Iran and neighboring countries, with   the best quality in all around the world. Tourism industry, factories and companies such as Mazandaran wood and paper industries as the biggest paper producer in Middle East, wooden handicrafts and pottery industries are also highly important here People who live in Sari speak in Mazandarani and Farsi. The residents of this city are Muslim and followers of Davazdah Imami religion.

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