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Marzanabad is one of the most famous cities of Mazandaran province due to its being located in the direction of Karaj to Chalus so that the smell of sea rises from Marzanabad. The old names of this city have been Sa’dabad, Saeedabad, Marzaanabad, and Marzbanabad and its 1200-years-old history has been mentioned in the historical books. This city is located among the Alborz foothills where Chalus and Bararud meet each other.

A main part of Marzanabad population lives in villages. Most of the people in this region earn money through agriculture and animal husbandry. However, some are occupied with building houses; an in-demand job especially after the immigration of Tehran inhabitants to the north. People of this city speak in Mazani.

There exist massive forests in this city where you can see the oak, maple, beech and oak apple trees. Chamois, ibex, panther, bear and wolf are those animals that are seen among the forest trees and wild goat lives on the heights of this region. The Valasht lake of fresh water is placed in the middle of the pristine nature of Alborz near to Marzanabad.

Marzanabad has so many villages with pure nature; Elit, Kordichal and Kandolus. The beauties of Marzanabad are not restricted to the jungle and lake, but the city is the destination of mountain climbers, too. Many mountain-climbers ascent Alamkuh, the second highest peak of Iran, every year. The best time for traveling to Marzanabad is the spring and summer because it has extremely cold winters.

Like in other cities of the north, people of Marzanabad cook the local foods such as Baqlavabij, Sir Anar stew, spinach Marji, Morgh-e Torsh, filled eggplant, Suseh Kebab and zucchini pottage. Another local food is zucchini Polo (Kadu Polo) that is baked using the grated zucchini and minced meat. Beshtvash is a kind of pottage containing spinach, lentil and caraway. The marine foods have also an important place in Marzanabad like Malabich or Malata which are two kinds of filled fish. Dairy products of the region are exceptionally famous and high quality such as the strained yogurt, shallot yogurt, local butter and cream. Honey, local bread and muffin are other souvenirs of the region.

Norouz Khani, ritual dancing and Telem Zani are among the amazing customs of Marzanabad and Mazandaran. Some ceremonies are held for infants such as Gahvareh Bandi (setting up the cradle) in the 10th day after the birth and Dandan Sari which is held in time of teething.

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