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Chalus Road

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Karaj – Chalus road, the fourth beautiful road in the world, with the official name of 59, is one of the most popular roads to north of Iran along which there are the most unique natural, historical and tourism landscapes.

Numerous and long bridges and tunnels had constructed for building the Chalus road in Reza Shah Pahlavi era.

The construction of this road finished in 1312 SH. Chalus road was the first road passing the diameter of the Alborz Mountain Range with low width and short distance. Building this road in such an impossible route was one the masterpiece of engineering at that time.

Tortuous mountainous road beside the rainforest in the edge of tall precipice, waterfalls and numerous springs as well as Amir Kabir dam (Karaj dam) its lake is located parallel to the road are the beautiful landscapes of this way.

Facilities and tourism places, pleasure and sports along this way have made Chalus road one of the most important tourism places in Iran.

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