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استان سیستان و بلوچستان
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The port city of Chabahar is located at an altitude of seven meters above sea level in Sistan and Baluchestan province. Chabahar is the only ocean port of Iran which is situated near Oman Sea and it has the closest distance to the international water (Indian Ocean). This city is bounded to Iranshahr and Nikshahr counties and Kerman and Hormozgan provinces as well as Pakistan. Chabahar has a moderate tropical climate with rather humidity where it is the hottest spot in the country in winter and the coldest southern harbor of Iran in summer. The climate of this city and its surroundings is always mild and vernal. Due to this reason, it is called Chabahar (four springs: four seasons are spring).
Chabahar county has three parts: "Polan", "Dashtiari" and "Markazi", two cities "Negour" and "Chabahar" and seven villages.
The port of Chabahar is significant thanks to its strategic location, where it is the closest area to international water for the landlocked countries of Central Asia (Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan). The situation of the Persian Gulf in this port, the presence of deep waters, firths and the wharfs have provided a favorable anchorage coordinates for mooring huge ships. Chabahar city is also one of the free zone areas in Iran. In addition to the airport and railway to Central Asia, this port is one of the most critical crossroads of the North-South corridor of the world trade and a strategic area of the transit industry in the eastern region of Iran. Chabahar port is one of the areas that has commercial, service and industrial land uses and has heavy industries, marine industries and natural and historical tourist-recreational attractions. 
A variety of tropical fruits including banana, date, mango, citrus fruits, papaya, coconut and guava as well as agricultural products include vegetables, fodder plants and cereals, can be easily raised in Chabahar. Fishery and aquaculture are other occupations of this region. Needlework (Baluchi-Duzi: one of the fine arts), mat weaving, klim weaving, charbafi and gold making are only a few number of gorgeous handicrafts in Chabahar.
Various tribes live in this region. The people of the area speak Baluchi and Jadgali dialect. Most of the people in the zone are Muslim.

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