Derak Beach

Derak Beach


Derak Beach

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Derak Beach and the adjacent beach are the places where the seawater meets the desert sands. The presence of groves and sand with the sea background attracts many travelers to this beach in the southeastern tip of Iran.

Derak Zarabad village is located in Sistan and Baluchestan province, near the Makran coast. This beach is one of the functions of Konarak city and is located 170 km west of Chabahar and 120 km from Konarak. Derak village is located on the transit road from Bandar Kanarak to Bandar Jask and is the closest to Sistan and Baluchestan province to the Strait of Hormuz.

Derak means living by the valley to the Baloch people. The beach of Derak has four types of beaches. Rocky beach, sandy beach, and coral beach are located close to each other.

One of the wonders of this tourist attraction is the wells with fresh and clear water in Derak village, which are located near the sea and its saltwater. There are different kinds of tropical trees in the corners that are irrigated from the water of these wells.

Derak village is also a destination for health tourism. White sands that are heated under the beach sun are very useful for relieving muscle and bone pain.  Many tourists go to these sands at sunrise and put their hands and feet under the sand to relieve their pain.

People are Baloch in Derak. Usual clothes among men are white clothes and pants. Women also live under the beach sun with colorful clothes. 

Most locals' jobs are fishing. But thanks to freshwater wells, agriculture is also common in the village of Derak. The hospitality of the villagers is famous for the tourists who have stayed there for at least one night. They enjoyes the Baluchi table with its spicy food.

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