Sistan and Baluchestan Province
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Zabol is located in northeastern of Sistan and Baluchestan province in the height of 480 m above the sea level and about 30 km to Iran–Afghanistan border. Zabol climate is warm and arid. The 120-day winds are the causes of ongoing sand dune displacement, dust storms, foothills and sands in all seasons. This area is known for its powerful windmills in the world.

Zabol consists of 3 parts naming “ Posht Ab “,”Shib Ab“, ”Markazi“, 5 cities and 9 rural districts. The water of this region is supplied from wells, Subterranean, springs and Hirmand River. Hamun-e Helmand, which is the biggest fresh water lake in Iran is located in this region.

Zabol has the most historical and ancient monuments in Sitan and Baluchestan province. ”shahr-i sukhta“ is the most valuable among these monuments.  Rostam, the hero of Shahnme (The Epic of Kings) was born in this region.

The economy of this city is depending on historical places and tourism centers with tourism attractions like Korkoye Fire temple, justice king bed hills, Rostam castle, Khaje mountain and etc., beside the rich handicrafts such as rug and glim weaving, musical instrument production, needlework, titan (Balam), chromite, marble, stone mines. Industrial units of livestock and poultry and pisciculture are active in the city.

The combination of employment is respectively agriculture, industry and service. Most of the people speak in Farsi with Zaboli local dialect. Other dialects such as Baluchi and Standard Farsi are also common in this city, and there are followers of Shia and Sunni in this city.

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