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Bastam is the host of Bayazid Bastami mausoleum, one of the most famous mystics of Iran, which owes its reputation to this place. Bastam is a small city located in 7km to Shahroud and one of the districts of Shahroud city in Semnan Province. The distance between Bastam and Semnan, the capital city of the province, is about 190km. There are so many gardens in Bastam and that is why the gardening is the most significant job among the Bastam people.

Its geographical location is highly considerable. It is surrounded by mountains and desert. The northern areas of Bastam is the borderline between Semnan and Golestan provinces which reach Alborz Mountains; this northern part has good weather and is of the lushest regions of the province. Abr (meaning cloud) village located at heights is in the north of Bastam and Shahvar mountain is also placed in the west of this city. However, the national park of Touran, a desert region with relatively arid weather is placed in the east of Bastam.

Bastam has so many historic attractions; Bayazid Bastami mausoleum can be considered to be the most important historic building of Bastam. Bayazid is among the most famous mystics in Iran. In addition to Bayazid Khanghah, the brick minaret, Bayazid Bastami mosque, Ilkhanate mosque, Mohammad holy shrine and Qazan Khan dome (the Museum of East Mysticism) are other Bastam historic complexes. The date of constructing each building is different. The school of Shahrokhieh is also placed in the neighborhood of Bayazid Bastami complex which was built in the time of Shahrokh Teymouri. The building is currently used as the Baqer-ol Olum Seminary.

Kashaneh Tower is another tourism attraction of Bastam with approximately 20meter height. It dates back to 700 A.H. Established in 1389 S.H, The Museum of East Mysticism is also placed in Bastam.

One of the most spectacular historic attractions of Bastam is Bastam Mosque near to Kashaneh Tower. The significant features of this place is its delicate stucco and brickworks. Qatri region is one of the natural attractions of Bastam and among the top tourism regions of Abr village. Qatri is placed along the southern margin of Alborz mountains and the borderline of Semnan and Golestan provinces.

Local foods of Shahroud are cooked in Bastam, too; Tah Chin is the most delicious and famous among them.  Digi and Yakhni are two other local foods you should try.


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